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Carleton Rode Baptist ChurchEaster Cross Witness2016Baptisms on Sunday 10th April 2016

Tim may be a young lad, but he "KNOWS" just how much Jesus loves him. Tim told us about his strong faith in Jesus and how he really felt that, at "Warrior Camp" a few years ago. As he finished telling us his story of faith his last words before he was baptised were
"So its goodbye old life, hello new"
Baptism is all about dying to your old life and being born into a New Life with Jesus.

Tim, you're one strong warrior for Jesus!

Lei has amazing joy in Jesus!
She became a Christian through selling a milkshake.
The lady who bought the milkshake had felt she needed to go and get a milkshake. Lei and Mary became friends and Lei made the decision to give her life to Jesus. Jesus has been her strength through some very painful times.
As she came up out of the water she was bubbling over with joy and New Life.
We were so privileged to hear what Jesus does when someone calls out to Him.

 Bless you Lei!

Matt has known Jesus all his life, but it was as he lay fallen in a muddy puddle that he realized he needed to be serious in his commitment to Jesus. He really felt as if Jesus was lifting him out of the mud and filth.
Recommitting his life to Jesus he knew Baptism was what Jesus wants for everyone who follows Him. Baptism is like taking a public bath/wash to show the World that Jesus has washed us within.

Praise the Lord for Matt!