Carleton Rode Baptist ChurchText Box: Esthers

A monthly evening group for women

Carleton Rode Baptist Church Coffee Shop

nice nibbles
dvds of contemporary speakers,
chats about what weíve learnt 
Every so often we meet just for fun

Our aim is for Esthers to be a relaxed group, encouraging each other in our spiritual growth with friendship, support and fun.
(contact Pastor Mark for meeting dates)

Why Esther?
4 reasons from the book of Esther

Esther spent time preparing to meet the king
Esther spent a whole year on beauty treatments before she met the king face to face.  In our monthly gatherings we need to be challenged and take the time to learn more of God and his word in order prepare ourselves for the day when we will meet our king face to face.
For such a time as this
Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this? These words are spoken to Esther by Mordecai. Godís timing was perfect.  It is no mistake that we are in Godís kingdom at this time and in this place.  We must seek to carry out the role God had in mind for us from the creation of the world

One night with the king can change everything
Estherís one night with the king changed the future for her people. One evening spent in the presence of God should change us.
We hope that each time we meet we will find ourselves in the presence of God and this will make a real difference to our lives.

Esther means star
We need to be people who shine like stars in the darkness of our world.