Revival Prayer

A House of Prayer

2nd Tuesday of the month

7 30pm

Carleton Rode Baptist Church.

On the 2nd Tuesday of each month we meet together with Christians from other Churches to pray for the community of South Norfolk


We pray for God’s Blessing and Grace to be poured out upon ALL peoples of this area,

believing that as we call on Christ then the darkness will be put to flight, and people will be set free to find Jesus as Lord.


We listen for the prophetic voice of God through His Holy Spirit and seek to pray as He leads.


This time of unity is so important, as it is here that God commands a blessing.


We do not exist in isolation, but join in with “Prayer for Revival” across the region.

The other prayer centres are in Norwich, Fakenham, Stalham, Hunstanton, and Great Yarmouth.




A Dedicated Prayer RoomText Box: We have a room dedicated for Prayer.

The room is quite small and would accommodate up to 4 people at any one time.

It is a quiet and comfortable place for prayer triplets to meet, for personal prayer ministry, or for individuals to use as a place of quiet retreat for an hour/ half a day/ or a day
The Battle for Light.
A Night of Prayer

Pastor Mark had a vision in which he was in a World War II battle mapping room. The vision was very clear, and he stood before the battle map and watched the proceedings.

Suddenly the map changed into a map of South Norfolk, and the room became the Chapel at Carleton Rode; the map was on the Chapel floor and people sat in the balcony surrounding the map in prayer.

In the vision, as the people prayed for specific areas the markers on the map moved to the locations being prayed for, indicating that God was at work in those areas.


Following this vision we drew a 10ftx10ft map of South Norfolk and called people to come and spend a night in prayer around the map, praying for and over this area.


You can read the report of this night in the Network Norwich article link below :-

Battle for Light—Network Norwich.

Carleton Rode Baptist Church